Welcome to Mary Parker Mystery Plays

Hello and welcome to my website. My (pen) name is Mary Parker and I’ve been writing play scripts and poetry, including for children, for longer than I care to remember! Family commitments and a very busy day job as a primary school headteacher have prevented me from gathering my work together into a publishable form, until now.

I believe my scripts are pretty hilarious, extremely versatile and do-able. They can be adapted to suit many a setting and can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make them. I love inventing my characters and developing their many amusing traits and I often laugh aloud whilst writing. The plays are as much about the characters and their guilty secrets as they are about murder, though the victim is usually fairly undesirable! The plays are great fun to rehearse and perform and are most suitable for drama groups, theatre groups or school PTAs, as fundraisers or just for fun.

I dedicate this first collection of Mary Parker Mystery Plays to my children and best critics: Tim, Mikey, Emmy, Gemma and Lexi, who have really enjoyed seeing them performed. I hope you enjoy performing them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Thank you for your interest in my plays.

Mary Parker.